We have been compiling valuation reports across Germany and in other European countries since 1988. Our clients include not only private customers but also business clients such as banks, funds, property management companies, German and international investors, pension funds, law firms, tax consultation companies, insurance companies, auditing companies, commercial and industrial companies as well as local, state and national authorities and courts.

Framework contracts were concluded with multiple clients. We are especially proud that many customers have regularly commissioned us to conduct valuations for many years.

To date, we have individually compiled over 3,000 expert reports on the market values and rental values of all types of properties, along with the privatisation of former government-owned railway, postal and telecommunication firms as well as initial stock offerings (IPOs) of industrial companies, among others.

Major portfolios in retail, office and accommodation are as much a part of our range of services as the valuation of hotels and other special or management properties. The spectrum of valued properties ranges from air raid shelters from the last world war to conservation stations on the Halligen, villas on the Alster and Elbe, office and commercial buildings in Frankfurt and Munich right up to extremely modern cargo and logistics centres as well as major residential and retail portfolios.

Upon request, we will put together a meaningful reference list attuned to your valuation task.


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