Required documents

Up-to-date and comprehensive information and documents on the valuation object are required for the compilation of reports on commercial value (market value) or rental value. As a rule, the information and documents are provided by the client. Individual documents could also be procured by the expert - corresponding authorisation is necessary for this. The following are generally required:

  • Current certificate of title (inventory, section I and II)
  • Current list of rentals, copies of the rental contracts and the last rental adjustment
  • Current list of management and operational costs
  • Documents on the buildings: year of construction, description of construction, building permits, site plan, floor plans, sections, elevations, information on renovations and modernisations, information on concealed damage to the construction (if applicable, wood preservation - building ground report)
  • Calculation of living and/or useable surface
  • Calculation of gross surface area and/or gross room volume (DIN 277)
  • If available, fire insurance value according to 1914 rates
  • Additionally required for properties in which the owner lives or for those owned by several individuals who do not live in the property: distribution plan, declaration of partition, certificate of completeness, housing allowance settlement, minutes of recent owners' meetings, if applicable
  • Additionally required in the case of existing rights and burdens: registration authorisation, heritable building right contracts, etc.
  • Abstract of the land register map
  • Abstract of the land register
  • Information on inherited liability


The structure and scope of the documents required in individual cases will be adjusted for each case. The respective dates for valuation and quality are also to be determined. An extensive inspection of the valuation object is essential - please specify contacts concerning this. An inspection is only unnecessary if a so-called "desktop valuation" is expressly commissioned in the case of available general knowledge of the location.



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